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Empower your residents with a multi modal geo agnostic issue reporting platform that fosters collaboration and enagagement to identify, report and resolve issues in your city!
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What's in it for my City?

CiOLVE - Desktop
Provide seamless access via any internet enabled device (mobile, tablet or desktop) from any location to access information, submit issues or share information about your city!
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Benefit from the precision of information submitted, eliminate ambiguity, increase efficiency and improve the quality of service and feedback with contractors and your residents to identify and fix issues reported.
CiOLVE - Dashboard
CiOLVE - Dashboard
Harness powerful dashboards and deep insights into relevant data that helps identify trends, prioritize and optimzie spend.
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Leverage in built workflow to manage and close issues
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Collaboratively transform your city into one that embodies the spirit of its citizens by enhancing transparency, accountability & efficiency. Progressively evolve into being the one of the most desirable neighborhoods for a clean, sustainable and safe living.
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