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For all support questions, please send an email to Provide a description of the nature of support followed by any additional supporting materials like screenshots that would help us answer your question effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Browser versions are supported?
A. For the best viewing experience of CiOLVE, please use Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or later or Google Chrome browser.

Q. Why do I need to create an account to post?
A. CiOLVE requires users to create an account for multiple reasons. One of the primary reason is to prevent spam and non-relevant information posting under anonymous accounts. We strive to provide the best experience as a platform for end users and cities alike by surfacing relevant information that requires attention and helping to get them resolved. Another reason is to allow communication and notifications possible between city and users on issues reported. If privacy and anonymity is your primary concern, the screen name or avatar helps you anonymize your true identity, but still contribute and benefit positively from the platform.

Q. What are the kind of things that I can post on CiOLVE?
A. As a general rule of thumb, any information that is relevant in a city or community context is game to be posted to CiOLVE. CiOLVE provides 4 high level classification of data. For any items that requires city to take action on, submit your issue under "Action Requested" category so that cities can easily filter out requests from general information posts. For all other submissions, choose the relevant category and post your info. Use the following examples to get an idea of relevant posts. Road, Powerline, flooding, spills, traffic, street light, graffiti, potholes, noise issues, road closures etc. You get the idea! Be a CiOLVE'r, Happy Posting!

Q. Where do I find the mobile application for CiOLVE?
A. CiOLVE mobile can be accessed by simply accessing on your mobile phone web browser. Alternatively you can access mobile view directly by accessing this link On Android and iPhones, you can add a bookmark to your home screen to create an App Icon short cut for easy access

Q. Do you have native mobile apps for iOS and Android?
A. Currently we do not have a native app for mobile platforms. Mobile version of CiOLVE can be accessed by accessing on your mobile phone. We plan to include native apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms soon.

Q. Is there a different mobile app for each city?
A. No! CiOLVE has been designed with primary focus on flexibility and usability of the end user in mind. You may be living in one city, but working in a different city while traveling through yet another. Our Mobile application allows you to instantly snap to any city and set that as your default city. However, the app will still let you submit issues in any city that you travel, work or live in making it truly better for you and the city. Want to change your default city? It's simple, just access the settings menu and click on Set Home City button. We hope you find this feature useful and use CiOLVE to help improve the communities that you live or work in!

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